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Integrated High-Temperature ELectrolysis and METHanation for Effective Power to Gas Conversion


KIT Press Release; April 10, 2014 -Article

Sunfire Press Release; July 07, 2015 -Article



  1. Katoufa M., Giglio E., Katsourinis D., Vourliotakis G., Bensaid S., Deorsola F., Pirone R., Saracco G., Founti M.; CO2 Methanation Under Atmospheric Pressure Conditions on a Ni catalyst: Experiments and Kinetic Modelling; Proceedings of the 5th European PEFC & H2 Forum 2015 (EFCF - European Fuel Cell Forum 2015), Lucerne, Switzerland -Download abstract -Download poster
  2. Abate S., Mebrahtu C., Perathoner S., Gentiluomo S., Giorgianni G., Centi G.; Catalytic Performance of Ni-based Catalysts Supported on γ-Al2O3-ZrO2-TiO2-CeO2 Composite Oxide for CO2 Methanation; 12th European Congress on Catalysis – EuropaCat-XI, Kazan, Russia -Download abstract -Download poster
  3. Gruber M., Harth S., Trimis D., Bajohr S., Posdziech O., Brabandt J., Köppel W.; HELMETH Project; Gasfachliche Aussprachetagung 2015, Essen, Germany -Download poster
  4. S. Abate, C. Mebrahtu, E. Giglio, F. Deorsola, S. Bensaid, S. Perathoner, R. Pirone, G. Centi; Catalytic Performance of γ-Al2O3-ZrO2-TiO2-CeO2 Composite Oxide Supported Ni-Based Catalysts for CO2 Methanation; Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2016, 55, 4451-4460 -Download
  5. J. Brabandt, F. Mittmann, R. Blumentritt, O. Posdziech, M. Gruber; Pressurised high temperature co-electrolysis as effective source for Power-to-X applications; HydrogenDays 2016, Prague, Czech Republic -Download abstract -Download presentation
  6. NTUA Dissemination Event: “Energy Storage Technologies: Focus on Power-to-Gas Technology”. Monday, 30th May 2016. Download presentations: -HELMETH overview -SOEC -Methanation -Enviromental aspects
  7. S. Abate, K. Barbera, E. Giglio, F. Deorsola, S. Bensaid, S. Perathoner, R. Pirone, G. Centi; Synthesis, Characterization, and Activity Pattern of Ni-Al Hydrotalcite Catalysts in CO2 Methanation; Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research; 2016, 55, 8299-8308 -Download
  8. S. Abatea, E. Gigliob, C. Mebrahtua , S. Perathonera, K. Barberaa, G. Centi, S. Bensaidb, F. Deorsolab, R. Pirone; LAYERED NI-AL-HYDROTALCITE-DERIVED CATALYSTS AS HIGHLY ACTIVE MATERIALS FOR POWER-TO-GAS PROCESS; 6th International Workshop on Layered Materials; Kutna Hora 2016 -Download abstract -Download presentation
  9. Calignano F., Monaco F., Calandri M., Marchese G.,Ambrosio E., Lorusso M., Manfredi D., Ugues D.; Selective laser melting for heat exchanger; Proceeding of 6th International Conference on Additive Technologies - ICAT, Nuremberg, Germany -Download
  10. Gruber M.; Effizienzsteigerung der Power to Gas Technologie durch thermische Integration von Hochtemperatur Dampfelektrolyse und CO2-Methanisierung - das HELMETH Projekt, Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet - Gasreinigung & Energieverfahrenstechnik, Frankfurt, Germany -Download


Project Deliverables

Deliverable 2.2: Report on short stack testing -Download

Deliverable 2.5: Report on the stand-alone Electrolyser testing -Download

Deliverable 5.1: Initial LCA results on the “base case” HELMETH concept system -Download