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Integrated High-Temperature ELectrolysis and METHanation for Effective Power to Gas Conversion

Politecnico di Torino




The Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT) of the Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) deals
with various research subjects which range from the fundamentals of physics, chemistry and materials
science to the production and behavior of engineered systems. The group of “Chemical Reaction
Engineering for Energy and Environment” (CRE3) at POLITO includes 6 academic members and
18 contract researchers (including 10 PhDs) having different and complementary expertise and is active
in the fields of chemical reaction engineering, membrane separations, biochemical engineering and
environmental catalysis. The main research activities are in the field of environmental catalysis:
treatment of Diesel exhaust gases; filters for flue gas cleaning; catalytic combustion of methane;
catalytic membrane reactors; electro catalytic processes; recovery of valuable chemical from waste
waters; gasoline/diesel/biodiesel/ LPG/CH4 reforming to H2; short-contact time reactors for syngas
production; water photolysis. The skills of the group ranges from the design of catalyst to the
realization of reactors and integrated heat exchangers.



Study of CO/CO2 methanation at 30 bar and large concentrations of reactants across surface
characterization of catalysts and assessment of kinetics under operating conditions of interest;
model simulation of reactor configuration and optimal scenarios to perform the reaction.
Design and realization of internal heat exchangers for the SOEC electrolyser; choice of materials,
evaluation and testing. Modeling investigations for process integration and scale-up.