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Integrated High-Temperature ELectrolysis and METHanation for Effective Power to Gas Conversion

National Technical University of Athens




The Laboratory of Heterogeneous Mixtures and Combustion Systems (NTUA.HMCS) belongs to the
Thermal Engineering Section of the School of Mechanical Engineering. It is an accredited laboratory of
the National Technical University of Athens – established by Government Decree in 2002. The main
research areas of the laboratory include: Experimental and computational investigation of fundamental
heterogeneous multi-phase, multi-component, reacting flows and related industrial processes;
Development of two-phase, reactive Computational Fluid Dynamics codes using Eulerian-Lagrangian
and multi-fluid approaches; Development of combustion chemistry models for thermal process
optimization (e.g. diesel autoignition, cool flames) and pollutants emission control from combustion
processes; Process optimisation- energy auditing – innovative energy saving solutions; Development of
multi-criteria assessment tools integrated with the Life Cycle Analysis for techno-economic &
environmental impact assessment of energy systems and technologies. 



Leader of WP5, coordination of LCA, market and socioeconomic studies. Participation in WP3,
WP5, and WP6.
Main roles: Thermo-kinetic modelling of various gas mixtures to be tested in the design of the
methanation module. Supportive CFD calculations if needed. Performance of LCA, definition of
benchmark cases for the comparative assessment of HELMETH.