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Integrated High-Temperature ELectrolysis and METHanation for Effective Power to Gas Conversion

Sunfire GmbH



SUNFIRE aims for the industrialisation of liquid fuels and methane from renewable electricity, CO2 and
H2O. Sunfire builds upon a technical process developed and filed as a patent by Dr. Bodo Wolf (founder
of CHOREN, Freiberg, Germany). From 2008 – 2010, SUNFIRE has conceptually planned and conducted
a technical and commercial feasibility study together with seven scientific and industrial partners, among
them EIFER and a German automobile manufacturer.
Based upon these results SUNFIRE was founded and financed by private investors, Bilfinger VC, and
KfW bank. In order to develop the High-Temperature-Electrolysis (SOEC), SUNFIRE has taken over the
company staxera GmbH in June 2011. Staxera GmbH is one of the worldwide leading SOFCdevelopment
and production companies. It has been founded in 2005 by H.C. Starck and Webasto.
With now more than 50 employees, staxera/sunfire builds SOFC-modules of up to 5 kW with a degradation
of < 0.4%/1000 h using ESC-cells.
In the near future, SUNFIRE will develop and produce larger SOFC-stacks based on a multi-windowinter-
connectorplate. The same technology will also be used for developing SOEC stacks. Additionally to that,
SUNFIRE is currently building up capacities for building modules for SOFC/SOEC-technology as well as
process technology to for converting H2 and CO2 into fuels. 



SUNFIRE develops the SOEC modules for pressurised operation in an electrolyser unit. Here, the company
uses development results of a nationally funded project. SOEC short stacks and modules will be tested to
show compliance with the Call objectives. SUNFIRE provides input for the process development and modelling
as well as material selection for critical components. SUNFIRE will support the design of the methanation
module. The control and safety system will be provided by the company for both methanation and electrolyser
module. The combined units will be tested in SUNFIRE’s pilot plant station.